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Mini Soccer








Mini-Soccer was introduced during the 1997/98 season. The aim of Mini-Soccer is to involve all players in the game and reduce the physical strain. This is achieved by reducing the amount of players to seven and by using a smaller sized pitch.

At Writtle we look to run three teams at the Under 9 and Under 10 age groups, the games are always entertaining with plenty of involvement for all of the players.

As boys and girls progress through our Youth Development Section and numbers increase our Youth Development Officers and coaches identify suitable and willing parents to become managers and coaches of three under 9 mini soccer teams which are formed from the 30 or so boys and girls we will have by the end of the Under 8 season.

Children then progress through mini soccer at U9 and U10 before we move to from 7 a side mini soccer to the 9 a side game and at U13 to 11 a side.  Starting U9s with three mini soccer squads of 10 children usually means that by the end of the U10 season we have 27 or 28 boys to form two 9 a side squads of approximately 14 for the 9 a side game.



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